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How To Record Google Hangout on El Capitan Mac For Audio Podcasts

When KA and I were planning the show, the subject of how we would record and edit the episodes came up. Since we are not physically in the same location and, even though the show is only audio, we wanted to be able to see each other during the recording, we chose Google Hangout as our platform.  The problem, unless you use Hangouts On Air, Google doesn't offer a method for recording all participants in the hangout. So after some research and trial and error, I came up with the following steps to record Google Hangout on El Capitan on the Mac in order to publish our weekly audio podcast.

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2 Computers via 1 Keyboard & Mouse | Linux Journal

I have been a user of Synergy for several years. I first learned about Synergy on an episode of Hak5. It is very simple to set up whether the server or client OS is Linux, Mac or Windows. For the Systems Engineer, it is a godsend. As a Synergy user, I am very excited to read that the project has been picked back up and we will begin seeing new features.

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Who will gain from a switch to H.264 over Flash?

There is no question that the h.264 standard is not "free". A group known as MPEG_LA holds the patent and according to Wikipedia, it is free for end users to use until December 31, 2015. As the Free Software Foundation states, it may be more widely published and implemented as a standard than flash, but it is no more "free". I am most curious to know if Apple stands to gain financially from bullying the entire Internet community into using H.264 rather than flash?

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Make Free Calls On Your iPhone with Asterisk and Fring

You enter the extension you set up earlier in the "User ID" field. You enter the password you assigned to the extension in the "Password" field. And you enter the DNS name for your Asterisk server in the "Proxy" field. Tap on "Login" and Fring will register the extension with your Asterisk server and you're ready to begin making calls and enjoying your new WiFi SIP phone.

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Apple iPhone Days Four through Thirty-Two

So the first thing you'll notice about my Apple iPhone journey is that having the iPhone hasn't made me a consistent blogger. This really isn't the fault of the iPhone, however. Since I have an entire month to cover, the coverage will undoubtedly be wide rather than deep. But I will do my best not to disappoint. Ubuntu-iPhone integration

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Apple iPhone Day Three

So I'm a little bit late getting to my Day Three update, but I don't want anyone to miss out on the adventure so here it goes... When I last put my phone to bed on Saturday night, I left a couple of tasks in the queue for Sunday. They were:

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Apple iPhone Day Two

I have had the iPhone for one day. I have activated the iPhone, upgraded it to version 2.2, set up my email, calendar and contacts and loaded it with my favorite podcasts. Next on my agenda is to "jailbreak" the iPhone. By doing this I will:

1. Gain access to an even larger body of iPhone applications 2. Be able to manage the files and backup the iPhone using SSH 3. Eliminate the need for iTunes or Microsoft Windows in order to manage the files on the iPhone

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Apple iPhone Day One

So it is day one of my Apple iPhone adventure. Next I opened the back of my HTC 8525 and removed the battery, exposing the AT&T sim card. I then removed the sim card from my current phone and inserted it into the iPhone.

Then I plugged the iPhone into my laptop using the USB cable and turned on the iPhone. It is now time to activate the iPhone. In order to accomplish this, I need to use iTunes. So I fired up my Windows XP vmware virtual machine and ensure that the usb connection to the iPhone is enabled in the vm.

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