Apple iPhone Day Two

I have had the iPhone for one day. I have activated the iPhone, upgraded it to version 2.2, set up my email, calendar and contacts and loaded it with my favorite podcasts. Next on my agenda is to "jailbreak" the iPhone. By doing this I will:

1. Gain access to an even larger body of iPhone applications 2. Be able to manage the files and backup the iPhone using SSH 3. Eliminate the need for iTunes or Microsoft Windows in order to manage the files on the iPhone

In order to jailbreak the iPhone, I use an application called QuickPwn 2.2. This application is easily obtained on the internet. With the current 2.2 firmware ipsw file and a copy of QuickPwn 2.2 loaded onto a Windows XP computer, I am ready to jailbreak the phone. This is a rather simple process. I unzip the application and then double-click to launch it. It asks me to locate the correct firmware file and then asks me to hold down a series of keys on the iPhone while it goes through its process. After about 10 minutes, my phone reboots with a new logo and I can now see the new Installer icon and Cydia icon on my iPhone.

Next items on my to-do list:

* Download useful applications * Set up the Ubuntu-iPhone Sync