Facebook Takes Steps To Eliminate Fake News From Their News Feed

There has been much debate across the internet post-election regarding the impact of fake news on the election as well as the hearts and minds of the American people. 

It should come as no surprise not everyone agrees a particular article is actually fake news. Snopes cautions us to make a clear distinction between bad news and fake news. Bad news lacks journalistic integrity where the reporter attempts to mislead the reader by weaving actual facts into the story along with personal bias designed to appear to also be fact.

In contrast, fake news contains no verifiable facts and is often used as link bait to increase ad revenue on the fake news site. 

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Mac OS X Terminal.app Key Bindings for Beginning of Line and End of Line

Regardless of the OS I'm using, I spend the majority of my time ssh'd to some linux server somewhere around the globe. Recently I've switched from using Ubuntu as my client-side OS and am now using a MacBook Pro. I have small Mac keyboard and a magic mouse.

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Hello Fringsters Goodbye Skype

I hope fring and skype work this out. It is not good for the users when companies such as Skype don't play well with others. Think "What Would Google Do?" Google wants users to come to their service through any means. Regardless of how we use Skype, Skype is still benefiting from the use.

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