Apple iPhone Day Three

So I'm a little bit late getting to my Day Three update, but I don't want anyone to miss out on the adventure so here it goes... When I last put my phone to bed on Saturday night, I left a couple of tasks in the queue for Sunday. They were:

* Download useful applications * Set up the Ubuntu-iPhone Sync

When you jailbreak an iPhone, you will find two new icons on your phone, Cydia and Installer. In addition to the amazing number of applications available to you through the Apple App Store, these additional icons are your gateway to an even larger repository of applications which extend the functionality of the iPhone.

Not wanting to overwhelm my iPhone on its first trip to the store, I chose a select few "must have" applications:

* OneTeam o This application allows me to JABBER with my cohorts at work using Openfire. * Mocha Remote Desktop o As you know, I put down my HTC 8525 for the iPhone. Since my work involves ensure the uptime of the websites, I can't afford to find myself in a situation where I am unable to access the servers and bring them back to life should something go awry. Using the Terminal Server Client on the 8525 is a painful experience in comparison to this application. * PdaNet o This application is also available for Windows Mobile and Palm phones but I must admit I never tried it on my 8525 so I can't speak to how much better it might be on the iPhone. PdaNet allows you to wirelessly share the iPhone's 3G/Edge network with your computer. It does not require any desktop application to be installed. You simply setup an ad-hoc network on your computer, join that network on your iPhone and you are ready to use your iPhone as a Wi-Fi router from your computer running Windows, Mac or Linux. * Twitterific o Can any of us live without Twitter

Now onto the truly useful productivity applications...

* AOL Radio o I like to listen to Mix 94.1 out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Feel free to share your favorites with me. * Urbanspoon o If you like to travel by car, as I do, then this is a "must have" application. As an owner of a local coffee shop/bakery, I understand the value of supporting local businesses. So when I travel, I prefer to find local restaurants as opposed to chains. This little app is very useful and fun to use. And since it is able to use GPS, it works very well when traveling. * Google Earth...Mostly because it is cool. * Sol Free, PAC-MAN lite, Frogger and Checkers....because all work and no play makes Darla way to dull to tolerate. o If you are as old as I am, you'll love PAC-MAN and Frogger

I'll save the Ubuntu-iPhone sync conversation for my next installment.