Techcrunch: Linus Torvalds: Google's Nexus One First Mobile Phone I Don't Hate

Linus Torvalds
Linus Torvalds

I haven't seen the Google Nexus One yet, but I've listened to and read reviews.  From what I've heard, if I were to give up my iPhone, this would be the phone I would choose.  Jeff Jarvis on a recent This Week in Google, however, pointed out that the Google app for the iPhone provides a better user experience than does accessing Google on the Nexus One.  In addition, others have pointed out some key apps that are still missing on the android OS.

Linus Torvalds, the inventor of the Linux kernel, has an absolute disdain for mobile phones. All of the ones he has purchased in the past, the man writes in his personal blog, ended up being “mostly used for playing Galaga and Solitaire on long flights” even though they were naturally all phones run on open source operating systems.

Things have changed now, he adds, now that he has caved and bought Google’s Nexus One a couple of days ago.

Linus Torvalds: Google’s Nexus One First Mobile Phone I Don’t Hate.