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Citrix vs WMWare: Citrix Storagelink tips the scales

Those of you who regularly work with virtualization technologies know the many frustrations and concerns surrounding providing a proper storage infrastructure for virtualization. In particular, we often spend top dollar for high-end storage arrays from companies such as EMC in order to gain the support and high availability that these arrays offer. However, much of what makes these arrays high-end winds up being wasted in the implementation of these arrays for virtualization.

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Tinkering at Home Continued

The last time I posted about my home setup, I spoke about Virtual Iron. I went out and purchased a 4GB USB thumb drive and downloaded the Virtual Iron Standalone Edition and set up the USB drive to install.  And then it occured to me....Virtual Iron is great, but the server I was planning on installing on was the same server that I wanted to use for my media server and my asterisk server.  So unless I had another server lying around to display my media, this wasn't going to work.

So I decided to reload my server with Ubuntu 8.10 (intrepid) and install boxee.  I then installed vmware server and set up my asterisk virtual machine with the saved vm from my previous server install and within a half hour or so my phone system was back up and running and I was playing with boxee.

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