Mac OS X Key Bindings for Beginning of Line and End of Line

Regardless of the OS I'm using, I spend the majority of my time ssh'd to some linux server somewhere around the globe. Recently I've switched from using Ubuntu as my client-side OS and am now using a MacBook Pro. I have small Mac keyboard and a magic mouse. From both the Microsoft and Linux universe, I'm used to having keys on the keyboard that I no longer have on the Mac. So I'm having to learn new Key Bindings and it is a bit challenging at times. There are many new key bindings to learn, but for this article I'll focus on two that drove me nuts until I decided to research the problem and commit another set of new key bindings to memory.

control-A will take you to the beginning of the line in the Terminal app control-E will take you to the end of the line in the Terminal app

Please feel free to add additional useful Mac key bindings for a former Ubuntu user.