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Never enough time to tinker at home

I've been so busy with work I haven't had time to take care of my network and system infrastructure at home. Anyone in this business knows that our setup at home is at least as good and at least as complex as our setup at work. Generally this is a source of frustration for our family members who complain about not being able to figure out how to use the phones, the television, etc. I have a server at home which bit the dust when hurricane Ike made it all the way to Ohio. I have since reloaded it several times with different OS flavors and distributions of Linux. I just can't seem to get the warm fuzzies with anything I've tried so far. My "server" sits in the living room and is attached to an LCD TV so it is designed for multipurpose activities. It also runs the Asterisk PBX which operates the telephones throughout the house. The Asterisk PBX is running in a VMWare virtual machine. This is one of the things I would like to change about the setup. Every time I proceed to reload or update the server, I bring down the phones in the house. You can imagine the problems this causes.

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